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  ZTNet Solutions Content for an IT consulting firm website.
  TechBridgeWestBrochure Brochure content for a coaching and training firm targeting inventors.
  OrangeFirefighters Article and photos for Orange City News.
  Long Beach Tower Paint Day Slideshow of photographs taken at a volunteer work party.
  This custom furniture manufacturing web site is designed to encourage potential customers to visit the company showroom and to meet in person with a custom-furniture designer. Products are displayed in an easy-to-navigate database. I served as project manager, site designer, copywriter, and database manager. I coordinated the efforts/input of the company’s president, sales manager, graphic artist, and public relations firm. I used Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, HTML, and Miva Merchant.


This web site is designed to encourage and inspire creative writers of faith. I designed the site, wrote content, and continue to maintain the site. I used Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop.

newsletter, part 1
newsletter, part 2


This electronic newsletter was designed to inform, motivate, and congratulate IT employees. It was distributed to all IT employees and other communications specialist within the company, resulting in articles being excerpted in the local office newsletter and on the corporate web site. I generated article ideas, maintained a production schedule, conducted interviews, drafted articles, obtained appropriate management approvals, posted to the IT web site, and sent out an email announcement.



This electronic newsletter was designed to inform, motivate, and congratulate Fluor's Information Technology employees and to advertise IT services to the rest of the company. I conducted interviews, took photos, drafted text, prepared layout, obtained management edits and approvals, and posted to the knowledge community.

  This web site gives Fluor employees, both IT and non-IT, a one-stop site for information about IT. I designed and maintained this Intranet site, preparing artwork, buttons, text, photos, and links using Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop software.
  This event brochure was distributed on the morning of a fun event so that the 500 participants would know what rooms to visit and activities to attend. The brochure was stamped at each place that attendees visited, qualifying them for raffle tickets. I hosted the event planning committee, led meetings and wrote up minutes, designed the brochure layout, created graphics, and printed 500 copies on a high-speed color printer.
This banner was designed to pique interest in a newsletter article. I took photos, prepared artwork, created the web animation in Flash, and attached the banner to an email message.


This email announcement informed shared services employees of key projects and created a sense of community, using a concise format. I attended grass-roots communications meetings, conducted interviews, took photos, prepared a rough draft, obtained management edits and approvals, edited, maintained a mailing list, and distributed the email.



This article was published on the corporate news Intranet. The objective was to inform Fluor employees of Information Technology's beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts during a natural disaster. I conducted telephone interviews, drafted the article, made edits as requested by interviewees, requested the appropriate management approvals, and resized photos.


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