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Spring is here! Here’s an update on my progress as a novelist:

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April 14, 2008


About Desert Medicine and Judy Alexander

In the novel Desert Medicine, a newly divorce young mother of twins who runs a plant nursery discovers the true meaning of family and grows spiritually while helping an eccentric older woman from her church. This colorful woman relates her own feisty search for family, beginning as an abused girl in 1930s Panhandle Texas, sent to live in border town Calexico, California, with a maiden aunt who runs a home hospital.

The author, Judy Alexander, is a photographer, corporate communications writer, and adjunct professor. The mother of two sons, she lives with her husband in Santa Ana, CA.

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Desert Medicine

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Desert Medicine

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In this Issue:
Senior Citizens Are a Wonderful Audience

Reviews are Favorable
Upcoming Events Include Trip to Michigan
Free Review Copy for Your Book Club
Photography Pays (some of) the Bills


Senior Citizens Are a Wonderful Audience

This past month I did some public speaking to promote my novel, Desert Medicine. What was the highlight? It wasn’t the college class or the women’s networking group or the Barnes & Noble appearances, although these were wonderfully flattering. Instead, the best audience was a senior-citizens’ church group. At their age, they are no longer self-consciously stiff or resentful about another’s success. Instead, they smile, nod encouragingly, and openly gasp with admiration when I read a line from my book that they like. Their enthusiasm-filled faces make me look forward to the possibility of living a long life.

Photo: Penny Bolton (left) invited me to speak about the importance of recording your life story at St. Wilfred’s Episcopal Church in Huntington Beach, CA.


Desert Medicine Reviews Are Favorable

Positive book reviews of Desert Medicine are posted on and other places on the world wide web. One of my favorites, thanks to Heather Froeschl, can be found at Heather writes: “When we share of ourselves with other people, we often find ourselves. It doesn’t take much to reach out and in the end the rewards are usually greater than the effort. In Desert Medicine by Judy Alexander, a newly single mother in transition discovers the giving and receiving of being an unselfish friend, but she also discovers herself, her truth, and her desire to trust again.” To read more, go to

Photo: Last month I signed book at Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa, CA. My appearance was a week before that of radio-show superstar Dr. Laura, and it was very humbling to compare her book sales to mine. But I was so very pleased that an old friend came out to support me, and I’m indebted to my husband Gene and younger son Justin who agreed to hang out nearby in the magazine racks the entire time.


From California to Michigan
This week, I leave too-warm Southern California (yesterday it was 100 degrees!) for too-cold Michigan. Every other year I attend the Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This year, I’ll be giving away free copies of Desert Medicine at my publisher’s booth (Kregel Publications booth, Thursday, April 17, at 2:30 p.m.

Once I return to California, I’ll be speaking at various book clubs. Here are my upcoming events:

April 17
2:30-3 p.m.

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Free copies of Desert Medicine signed at the Kregel Publications booth at the Festival of Faith & Writing

April 21
7 p.m.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Book club, St. John’s Episcopal Church

April 29
7 p.m.

Orange, CA  

Book club

May 1
6 p.m.

Tustin, CA

Book club

May 13
7 p.m.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Writers’ group

May 17

Santa Ana, CA

Women’s Luncheon at Trinity Lutheran Church

May 29-June 1

Los Angeles, CA

Visit to Book Expo America

For more information about any of these events or to invite me to come speak, please contact me at


Photography Pays (some of) the Bills

WEDDINGI’m thoroughly enjoying being a photographer. I’m hitting my busy season, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, as well as weddings and graduations.

Here are wonderful events that I’ve been privileged to document: