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Coming in the fall of 2007: Desert Medicine
Kregel Publications, ISBN 978-0-8254-2008-5

Desert Medicine will be available for pre-order on beginning the middle of April 2007. Read an excerpt.

Desert Medicine is a wonderful journey through familiar women’s territory down brand-new, quite surprising trails. Laurelle is getting a divorce and trying to find the faith to live her new life while juggling twins and a general bewilderment toward men. Like many of us, she goes about this in all the wrong ways. She buries herself in work, attends a church where it seems every misfit in the universe ends up, and with no time to spare, she takes on the care of Rhoda, an elderly woman in poor health.

“Now imagine a Fannie-Flagg character with hard-won substance; that is Rhoda. Her stories reveal Depression-era struggles, a variety of men, all-too-human mistakes, and now, at the end of her life, most surprisingly, the kind of faith in humanity that Laurelle envies….

“Set in California’s Orange County and Calexico, Desert Medicine is both voice and story we haven’t heard from before in literature. The language is rich and literary, evoking a world rich with life, culture and the machinery of family. The subjects are contemporary and entirely accessible, and will resonate with many readers. The characters are sympathetic, amusing, and best of all, survivors.”

Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Hank & Chloe, Blue Rodeo, and The Wilder Sisters

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